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There are basically two types of experience when it comes to hairdressers, those with experience and those with a well rounded experience, (and of course there can those with very little experience).
By “Well Rounded” we mean a hairstylist who has worked with many different styles and hairdressing techniques. This may be from working in many different hair salons and locations, or entered many hairdressing competitions to help expand and develop their technique and experience over the span of their career.

The pr0blem with many small out of town hairdressers is they have been working at the same hair salon, with the same clients and the same hairstyles for years. Making it difficult to be familiar with any a great new hairstyles or techniques.

You should look to choose a hairdresser who’s had some city hair salon experience under their belt or at least someone who has worked hard to keep in touch with modern trends as they’re usually always just that little bit better at hairdressing and have more to offer you than others.

At Mojo Hair Design we have stylists that have worked across the whole country at the highest level of hairdressing and strive for continued development of our skills and technique through relentless reviews of fashion, continued training and competing in hairdressing competition at a very high level. This not only keeps our stylists up to date but secures continued improvement and instils a desire to provide the highest standard of service at all times.

Make Sure They’re Qualified Hair Stylists

One thing that is really surprising is the number of hairdressers you can find who weren’t actually qualified. This is all very well, as everyone has to start somewhere and they may well do a reasonable job. But many unqualified hairdressers chose not to tell clients this.

Apart from being blatantly misleading and the potential risk of a bad haircut. The chemicals used by hairdressers today can be very risky in the hands of poorly trained and unqualified people.

Look-out for certificates of qualification when you visit a salon and ask about the experience of the stylist doing your hair. If they are not qualified then ask about the senior stylist who is at least supervising their work. Your stylist should be qualified or working toward qualifications under the wing of an experienced and qualified stylist.

At MoJo Hair Design the senior stylist has a vast experience as mentioned before and all other stylists working in the Salon are qualified or working toward qualification while training with a qualified stylist.

Good Communication Skills

Most hair salons provide, when asked, new clients with a no obligation consultation with a hairstylist. This an excellent opportunity to interview the hairdresser and to evaluate their experience and qualifications as your hair stylist. However, it allows you to assess their communication skills. See how they listen to your needs and how they convey advice or recommendations and find out whether you feel comfortable with them.

The best hairdressers are excellent listeners. They should be able to hear exactly what you want and properly advise you in their professional capacity as to the best way to achieve that. Good hairdressers can verbally take you through the entire hairstyling process explaining step by step what they intend to do. If you think the hairstylist has had trouble doing this you should perhaps try another hairdresser. Remember your looking for a long term professional to deliver good service every visit.

This can be very subjective and a different choice for each individual, all I can say is that at MoJo Hair Design the relationship with the clients is very good and the clients who visit do enjoy the benefits of a good professional and even social interaction with their stylist and indeed all the staff.


We hope this has helped you consider some of the key factors and will help you chose a good hair stylist that will service your needs well long into the future. Your on the Mojo website, so of course we have used this item to highlight some of the salons benefits. However, this is a post has been written with the best of intentions and If, (for whatever reason) you can not visit us here at MoJo Hair Design we believe the advice given here still applies to and will help anyone facing this decision. We do hope you will find one of the many thousands of excellent Hair Stylists working across the UK.

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