Cool Off With These 6 Hot Weather Hairstyles |

It looks like summer might finally have arrived so we found this interesting blog post By Wendy Rose Gould with 6 hot weather hairstyle Ideas.

keeping cool with your hairstyle this summer

Cool Off With These 6 Hot Weather Hairstyles

By Wendy Rose Gould

May 10, 2013

“Admittedly, I have a fair number of pet peeves. But do you want to know what one of my greatest frustrations is? That little damp spot that shows up on the nape of your neck from sweating — even when you haven’t been exerting yourself much at all! And don’t get me started on the little dew drops that make an appearance around your hairline.

It must be said, though, dear hair lovers: a little sweat is the price we pay for glorious spring and summer weather. That doesn’t mean you can’t take action to keep cool during the hot months, though. For the next five months or so, I suggest wearing hairstyles that minimize heat overload (and consequently sweat deluge). You can start with the six hot weather hairstyles I’ve highlighted below.

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