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John Lennon’s hair sells for $35k

A lucky bidder went home with John Lennon ‘s hair which he bought at an auction block.

Winners: 2016 Makeup Artists & Hair Stylists Guild Awards

Some might say the Makeup Artists & Hair Stylists Guild carries more global significance than the Oscars. Of course if you don’t agree you wouldn’t want to annoy this lot, for sake of not looking pretty on the red carpet. Therefore, may we introduce to you the motion picture winners of the most important awards […]

The 10 Best Haircuts for Curly Hair – Curly Hairstyles

“Fashionable hair” used to mean flat, sleek, and stick-straight. But more women—celebrities included—are embracing their natural (read: wavy or curly) texture instead of fighting it. Here, the top haircuts for curly hair and how to get them.

Read more here – Source: The 10 Best Haircuts for Curly Hair – Curly Hairstyles

Short Hairstyles Inspiration

Some views on Short Hair from the “Look” Blog

Short hairstyles can make a serious statement.

Whether you’re sick of your long locks or you want to change your look completely, a hot new short hairstyle is definitely the way to do it. Copy Kristen Stewart’s style with a fiery crop or make like Jourdan Dunn and swap your shoulder-length hair for a bob.

If you’re still undecided, just think how much time you’ll save not having to spend hours washing, drying and styling your long hair every morning. Rock a short ‘do and you’ll be looking awesome and ready to go in a matter of minutes. We promise.

Don’t worry if you think chopping your hair will limit your style options, there’s still loads of looks you can rock, like the styled-up quiff, face-framing curls and neckline up-do. Don’t believe us? We found over 100 (yes, really!) show-stopping short hairstyles, courtesy of the A-list and all you have to do is pick your favourite.

You don’t even have to stick to just one of these bouffants. With short hair, you’ve got the option of easily changing up your ‘do every day.

Imagine that! All you have to do is pop to the bathroom in the morning, fix your mane with some product and voilà. Curling and straightening will also be a simple task.

For the fashion-forward girl, a short hairstyle is a great way to make sure your barnet suits your outfit. For example, soft rolls will complement a girlie dress while a spiky mohawk will perfectly set off a pair of leather trousers.

If you’re sporting a simple jeans and T-shirt combo (let’s be honest, we all have days where we feel like doing that), a little restyle will totally make you stand out.

So be brave this season and go for the chop with one of the best short celebrity hairstyles around.

Source: Short Hairstyles: Amazing A-List Inspiration | Look

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Easy Bun Tutorial: 3 Quick Tricks! on Vimeo

Quick and easy ways to put your hair up in a bun – just perfect for those summer days when your hair is getting a little to hot around the collar.

Easy Bun Tutorial: 3 Quick Tricks! on Vimeo on Vimeo

via Easy Bun Tutorial: 3 Quick Tricks! on Vimeo.

Rankin Interview on S-Magainze on Vimeo

When Leica asked leading photographer Rankin to try out their new camera he chose to work with hairdressers to produce a Hair special edition of the Leica S magazine.

Enjoy seeing all the top Pros at work in this video

Rankin Interview on S-Magainze on Vimeo on Vimeo

via Rankin Interview on S-Magainze on Vimeo.

Cool Off With These 6 Hot Weather Hairstyles |

It looks like summer might finally have arrived so we found this interesting blog post By Wendy Rose Gould with 6 hot weather hairstyle Ideas.

keeping cool with your hairstyle this summer

Cool Off With These 6 Hot Weather Hairstyles

By Wendy Rose Gould

May 10, 2013

“Admittedly, I have a fair number of pet peeves. But do you want to know what one of my greatest frustrations is? That little damp spot that shows up on the nape of your neck from sweating — even when you haven’t been exerting yourself much at all! And don’t get me started on the little dew drops that make an appearance around your hairline.

It must be said, though, dear hair lovers: a little sweat is the price we pay for glorious spring and summer weather. That doesn’t mean you can’t take action to keep cool during the hot months, though. For the next five months or so, I suggest wearing hairstyles that minimize heat overload (and consequently sweat deluge). You can start with the six hot weather hairstyles I’ve highlighted below.

Read more and see more ideas via Cool Off With These 6 Hot Weather Hairstyles |

Call today on 0191 240 0426 for a chat with Newcastle Hairdresser  MoJo Hair Design about what you can do with your hairstyle to stay cool on those hot summer days.

13 Totally Cute Pixie Haircut Ideas |

short hair style ideas

Short Haircut Ideas

Check out this blog post by Irene Bredthauer for ideas about short hairstyles

“The pixie haircut is still on trend and is the perfect way to stand out in the crowd. Not all pixies are created equal, so really take time looking at pictures and styles for subtle differences to get a customised pixie that is perfect for you. Some pixies are divinely feminine while others are extremely edgy or messy. Don’t forget about your hair colour to take your hairstyle to a whole new level. Be inspired!

Read More via 13 Totally Cute Pixie Haircut Ideas |

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Mojo Hair Design | MsDemeanors Blog

MoJo Hair Design Newcastle hairdressers hard at work

Girls, you must treat your tresses and check out Mojo Hair Design!Not only are they a lovely, talented team of stylists, they also generously offered their expertise for our Feb 2nd catwalk show. Check out the images below for an idea of what I am talking about!If you fancy a daring birds nest, a quick trim, or even just to tell them how awesome the photos look, then you can follow and tweet them at

Hair newcastle upon tyne

@MojoHairMsDemeanors x

via Mojo Hair Design | MsDemeanors Blog.

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